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Why Pre-made Fans Are the Future Of Lash Supplies

Updated: Mar 19

Lash supplies, such as premade fans, are becoming increasingly popular among lash artists due to their many benefits. Premade fans have evolved significantly with the latest technology, making them look almost identical to handmade fans.

They are perfect for clients who are short on time, cannot lie down for long periods, or are looking for a full-volume look. Premade fans are also ideal for lash artists who are not trained in volume, take too long to complete a set, or want to create different lash looks. With premade fans, artists can create picture-perfect volume sets, customise lashes to their client's needs, and offer more luxurious services.

In addition, by using different dimensions and diameters of premade fans, artists can create various looks, from hybrid to mega volume, without compromising the health of their client’s natural lashes.

Pre-made Fans

The use of premade fans in eyelash extensions has been a hot topic among lash artists. Despite debates and discussions, the lash industry continues to move towards using premade fans. With technology advancements, premade fans have evolved and come a long way from their early versions. There is now a wide range of types and dimensions (3D to 20D) and diameters (0.03 to 0.10) available in the market, with some appearing almost identical to handmade fans.

In this blog, we’ll explore why premade fans are a great options for excellent clients and lash artists.

Why Premade Fans are Great for Clients

Busy schedules: Premade fans are an excellent option for clients who do not have time for a full 2-3 hour eyelash extension appointment.

Medical conditions: Clients who cannot lie down for extended periods of time due to medical conditions such as a bad back can still get gorgeous volume lashes with premade fans.

Limited lash technicians: For clients who live remotely and have limited access to lash technicians who only offer classic lashes, premade fans provide an easy and convenient solution.

Why Premade Fans are Great for Lash Artists

Beginner friendly: Premade fans are an excellent option for lash artists who are not trained in volume techniques but still want to offer volume lashes to clients.

Time-saving: Lash artists who struggle with taking too long during application time can benefit from using premade fans already fanned and ready to use.

Perfect symmetry: The latest technology allows premade fans to have a perfectly gapped, spaced, symmetrical shape, giving lash artists the ability to create picture-perfect volume sets.

Customisable looks: With a wide range of dimensions and diameters, premade fans allow lash artists to create different looks, from hybrid to mega volume, without compromising the health of clients’ natural lashes.

Increased income: Offering a more luxurious service with premade fans can attract more clients and increase income for lash artists.

Pre-made fans are an excellent option for both clients and lash artists. With their many benefits, from saving time to creating customisable looks, premade fans are the future of lash supplies.

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