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The Ultimate Guide to Full Volume Lashes

Welcome to Lash Lane Official, where we believe in empowering Lash Techs with the knowledge and tools to create the perfect lash looks, every time. Full volume lashes have revolutionised the beauty industry, offering supreme density, length, and drama. This blog post delves deep into the world of full volume eyelashes, providing you with the insights you need to captivate your clientele.

Full Volume Lashes

What Are Full Volume Lashes?

Full volume lashes, known for their lush and dense appearance, are meticulously handcrafted fans made from multiple lightweight lashes applied to a single natural lash. This technique allows for a fuller, more dramatic look compared to traditional lash extensions, making it an all time favourite among clients seeking that extra glamour.

Difference Between Full Volume and Hybrid Lashes

While full volume lashes offer a dramatic and dense look, hybrid lashes blend the techniques of classic and volume lash applications, providing a balanced, textured finish. The choice between full volume and hybrid lashes depends on the desired intensity and the client's natural lash health, making it essential to understand the unique benefits of each style.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

  • A blend of classic and volume lash extension techniques.

  • Combines single extension application (classic) with multi-lash fans (volume).

  • Creates a balanced, textured look with both fullness and volume.

  • Ideal for clients seeking a noticeable, yet not overly dramatic, enhancement.

  • Suitable for adding volume to sparse lashes or achieving a fuller natural look.

  • Perfect for clients transitioning from classic to volume lash extensions.

Full Volume Lashes

  • Completely focused on maximising volume.

  • Uses hand made fans of 2 to 6 (or more) thin, lightweight extensions applied to a single natural lash.

  • Creates a dense, fluffy, and dramatic look.

  • Offers a more dramatic effect than hybrid lashes.

  • Ideal for clients looking for a bold, glamorous look.

  • Lightweight extensions prevent the weighing down or damaging of natural lashes.

How Long Do Full Volume Lashes Last?

The longevity of full volume lashes can be impressive, typically lasting between 4 to 6 weeks with proper care. Factors such as the client's lash cycle, aftercare routine, and the adhesive's quality play pivotal roles in the duration of these lash extensions. We recommended using Lash Lane Official’s range of high quality, long lasting lash adhesives. You can find our full range here.

The importance of correct Lash Adhesive

In the realm of eyelash extensions, the right adhesive is as crucial as the technique itself. That's why selecting a high-quality glue is non-negotiable for achieving flawless, long lasting results. At Lash Lane Official, we understand this is essential and that's why we offer a range of premium adhesives tailored to meet the specific needs of volume lash applications. Each product is designed to maximise retention, ensuring your clients enjoy their stunning full volume lashes for longer. Discover our carefully curated selection of Lash Lane Official lash adhesives and elevate your lash game here.

Why Should You Charge More for Full Volume Lashes?

Charging more for full volume lashes is justified due to the advanced skills, extra time, and premium quality lash supplies, like Lash Lane Official, that they demand. Crafting and applying each volume lash fan is an involved process that highlights the specialised service you offer. Remember, clients value quality and understand the worth of your time, skill, and effort.

Do Full Volume Lashes Suit Every Client?

Full volume lashes offer a customisable desired look that can be tailored to suit almost every client. Whether your client seeks a dramatic look or something more subtle, volume lashes can be adjusted in length, curl, and fullness to complement all eye shapes and personal styles. However, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough consultation with each client to assess their natural lash condition and discuss their desired outcome. This ensures that the volume lashes not only look stunning but also feel comfortable and natural to wear.

Incorporating these factors into your lash extension services can further elevate your expertise and client satisfaction. With the right knowledge, technique, and use of premium quality lash supplies from Lash Lane Official, you can confidently offer full volume lash extensions that are beautiful, lightweight, and tailored to each client's unique preferences.

Making Every Lash Set Last

To ensure full volume lashes last longer, it's key to educate your clients on proper aftercare. Recommend using Foaming Lash Cleanser to both extend the life of their extensions and keep their natural lashes healthy. Regular maintenance sessions further contribute to the lifespan of their beautiful full volume lashes. Remember, the durability of lash extensions relies on teamwork between you, the Lash Tech, and your client. Education is key when it comes to lasting lashes!

Are Full Volume Lashes Damaging?

Volume lashes, when applied correctly by a skilled Lash Tech using high-quality materials like those from Lash Lane Official, are not damaging to your natural lashes. The key to preventing damage lies in the proper application technique that ensures each lash extension is appropriately weighted and applied to an individual natural lash.

Create Perfect Lashes Every Time

Enhance your lash extension services by incorporating the must-have products every lash client needs and exploring our complete guide to lash trays. These resources are designed to elevate your lash game to new heights.

Ready to transform your lash services? Explore our blog for more insights and tips on becoming the ultimate lash queen. And don't forget, use code LASH10 at checkout for 10% off your next purchase of premium lash supplies. Elevate your lash artistry with Lash Lane Official today!

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