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Eyelash Extension Perfection with Lash Lane Official

Updated: May 29

Discover the world of Lash Lane Official, where innovation meets beauty. Our latest blog dives into the stunning array of products designed to revolutionise lash extension services. From the glamour of Decals and Glitter Add-Ons to the efficiency of our adhesives, we offer everything a lash tech needs to elevate their craft. Join us as we explore how these products can transform your services, enhance client satisfaction, and boost your business.

Lash Lane Official’s Lash Primer

Maximise the longevity and effectiveness of your lash extensions with Lash Lane Official's Lash Primer. This essential prep step cleanses natural lashes of oils and minimal makeup residue, optimising pH levels for a stronger adhesive bond. For lashes with more residue, start with a lash shampoo or makeup cleanser. Application is simple: use two microfiber prep brushes to gently apply the primer, ensuring it dries completely before beginning the extension application. Compatible with all glue brands, this 15ml primer is a must-have for achieving flawless lash extensions.

Lash Lane Official’s Super Bonder

Transform your lash extension services with Lash Lane Official’s Super Bonder – the key to dramatically enhanced retention and client comfort. This innovative product not only boosts lash retention by up to an impressive 30% but also promises a rapid cure time, reducing the usual 24-hour wait to a mere 3 minutes. The Super Bonder’s formula is designed to instantly polymerise lash glue, effectively sealing in fumes and drastically reducing irritation and sensitivity. This means happier clients who can enjoy their stunning lash extensions sooner, with less discomfort. Perfect for any glue and every client, a single 15ml bottle serves up to 200 applications, making it a cost-effective, efficiency-boosting staple in your lash toolkit. Upgrade to Super Bonder and ensure your clients leave not only looking incredible but feeling great too!

Lash Lane Official’s Bubble Bath

Transform your eyelash care routine with Lash Lane Official's 100ml Bubble Bath Foaming Cleanser – now with a bonus cleansing brush! Our specially formulated cleanser is designed to offer a gentle yet effective cleaning experience for both your natural lashes and extensions. Why choose our Bubble Bath Foaming Cleanser?

  • Deep Cleansing Action: Dive into a luxurious cleansing experience that effectively removes makeup, oil, and everyday grime, ensuring your lashes and lids stay pristine and healthy.

  • Extension-Friendly: Love your lash extensions? Our cleanser is meticulously crafted to extend their life, maintaining their beauty and fullness without causing any damage.

  • Added Health Benefits: Say goodbye to the risks of eye infections and irritations. Our formula is safe and gentle, promoting the natural health and strength of your lashes.

  • Enhanced Lash Adhesion: Keep your extensions intact for longer! Our cleanser ensures a clean base, improving the adhesion and longevity of your lash extensions.

  • Easy to Use: The included cleansing brush makes application a breeze, ensuring an even and thorough cleanse every time.

  • Suitable for All Skin Types: Our hypoallergenic formula is perfect for everyone, even those with sensitive skin.

Invest in the best for your lashes. Choose Lash Lane Official's Bubble Bath Foaming Cleanser – your ultimate solution for clean, healthy, and beautiful lashes every day!

Hubba bubba Adhesive Melt – Cream Remover

Elevate your lash removal process with Lash Lane Official's Hubba Bubba Adhesive Melt. This cream remover transforms the way you handle outgrown or undesired lash extensions, offering a swift, gentle solution. Free from harsh chemicals like GBL, it ensures a comfortable experience, eliminating the worry of irritation with its fume-free formula. Achieve clean lash removal in just 10 minutes, enhancing both client satisfaction and service efficiency. A must-have for professionals prioritising safety and convenience, making it an essential addition to your lash supplies.

Lash Lane Official’s Decal’s and Glitter Lashes

Change the game with your lash extension services with Lash Lane Official's Decals and Glitter Spikes, perfect for adding extra glam. With over 10 designs and the option to incorporate glitter lashes, you can offer clients Festival Glam Sets or a touch of sparkle for any occasion. Charging $2-$5 per decal or glitter add-on enhances your service menu and boosts revenue for your business. Discover how to glam up your lash sets by with Lash Lane Official, Australia's premium lash supplier.

Keep Up-To-Date and Stay Ahead of the Trend

Staying up-to-date with the latest products and offering add-ons like Lash Lane Official's unique Decals and Glitter Spikes can significantly set you apart from competitors. These enhancements not only elevate the client experience but also showcase your commitment to innovation and quality in lash services. Adopting new trends and providing customisable options will attract a wider client base and boost your market standing. Keep ahead of industry trends and new products help to ensure your services remain in high demand.

Upgrade your lash artistry with Lash Lane Official's premium products, from Super Bonders to Glitter Spikes, ensuring each client leaves your studio shining. Use code 'LASH10' at checkout for a special discount and start shopping now to bring the ultimate glam to your lash services.

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