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Hybrid Lash Extensions: Bring that Wow Factor Into Your Eyes

Updated: 5 days ago

If you're beauty-invested in eyelash extensions, you may have heard about the increasingly popular lash extension style, the hybrid lash extensions.

This "versatile" style is making heads turn, a game-changer in the beauty lash industry, and popularised by reality star Kim Kardashian and her equally famous sisters.

Hybrid lash extensions are practically for anyone and all types of lashes out there. Who doesn't love that sort of wispy, natural look with an added flair of drama? With hybrid lashes, you can go subtle or fuller and more voluminous as you want!

Learn more about this beauty craze that has every woman jumping onto this most sought-after eyelash extension style.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

What are Hybrid eyelash extensions?

Hybrid eyelash or lash extension is the third type of lash extension style, along with classic and volume lash extensions. Also known as 3D lashes, hybrid lash extension combines classic (lengthening) and volume or Russian (thickening) lash extension techniques.

Hybrid lashes tend to be more natural-looking compared to volume lashes because of the balancing effect from the classic lash extensions. The look also often comes out as a "staggered look," with longer classic extensions weaved together with shorter volume lashes, which is excellent for anyone with naturally fine or sparse lashes.

This style consists typically of a 50% (classic) to 50% (volume) ratio, although clients can choose a 70% classic to 30% volume, depending upon their intended look. If your client wants a more dense and textured result, add more volume lashes and a lesser classic lashes ratio. If they choose a more wispy or natural look, do more of the classic and less of the volume lashes.

Benefits of Hybrid Eyelash Extension

Is the hybrid lash beginning to sound appealing to you? Check out these benefits and see if these will help you make up your mind.

Provides balance for the eyes - Hybrid lashes add the needed length and volume to make your lashes come out looking perfectly symmetrical or balanced. This lash extension is perfect for people with thin, sparse, and weak natural lashes.

Bolder, yet natural - Do you want eyes that speak of volume yet natural look at the same time? Hybrid lashes will do the trick. This lash extension offers a stunning natural voluminous appearance without looking fake or exaggerated.

Ideal for hooded and small eyes - Hybrid lashes are suitable for hooded and small eyes since the lash extension helps balance the look, opening the eyes, creating an illusion of depth, and decreasing the appearance of drooping eyes.

Extremely durable - Hybrid lashes are known to be highly durable.

Affordable option to volumised lashes - Hybrid lashes are an affordable alternative to volume lash extensions because of their application method.

Best of both worlds - The hybrid lash is the best choice for those wanting the best out of classic and volume lash extensions! Hybrid lash is the perfect combination of classic and volume lash extensions and is the ideal option for people who want to try volume lash extensions without going all-out.

Versatile style - The unlimited style options are another good thing about hybrid lashes. There isn't just one way to do a hybrid lash extension! You can experiment with the lengths, thickness, and curls to achieve different effects. You can add more volume lashes in the middle for an open-eye look. Or, add volume in the inner and outer corners to contour your eyes.

How To Apply Hybrid Eyelash Extension

The hybrid lash application process typically two hours and requires a highly skilled lash technician since the style demands precision and creativity. Not to mention good quality lash supplies.

Hybrid Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Hybrid lash extensions share the same aftercare maintenance guidelines as the classic and volume lashes.

All types of lash extensions go through a growth cycle and naturally fall off together with your natural lashes. These aftercare tips will make your lash extensions last longer and remain beautiful.

● After 48 hours, clean your lashes using a lash cleanser and gently brush them with an eyelash brush or a spoolie.

● Avoid heat.

● Avoid hot showers and steam.

● Avoid using oil-based products.

● Avoid using curlers or mascara.

● Avoid rubbing or pulling your extensions.

● Sleep on your back.

● Come in for a refill or fill-in 3-4 weeks after the initial application.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put mascara on hybrid lashes?

No, it's not advisable to put on mascara on hybrid lashes. Mascara formulas often contain oils and other ingredients that are not suitable for lash extensions. Removing mascara from hybrid lashes can be tricky and may require vigorous rubbing, which can lead to lash damage.

How long do hybrid lashes last?

Hybrid lash extensions follow the growth and fall-off cycle of your natural lashes. They could last 6-8 weeks, but you’re expected to lose about 50% of hybrid lashes after 3-4 weeks.

Do hybrid lashes cause damage to your natural lashes?

No, hybrid lashes do not damage your natural lashes if you follow proper aftercare and maintenance and use quality lashes from a trusted lash supplier. It’s also important to let a skilled and certified lash technician apply (and remove) the hybrid lashes.

Can you transition from hybrid lashes to volume lash extensions?

Yes, you can go from hybrid to full-on volume lash extensions. It should take two infill appointments to transition into a full-volume lash extension style.

Get the Wow Factor Into Your Eyes!

If you're after customizable eyelashes with a dramatic flair that will give your eyes that wow factor, then hybrid lashes are definitely what you need! Hybrid lash extensions will provide you with the best of both worlds, coming out looking naturally glamorous as ever.

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