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How to Prevent Eyelash Extension Allergies: Top 10 Tips

Updated: May 29

Yes. It has been proven. Eyelash extensions have conquered the world of the beauty industry!

Women from all walks of life couldn't get enough of this beauty trend of longer and fuller-looking lashes, making a trip to eyelash extension salons taking the top spot on their beauty bucket list.

But coming out from an eyelash extension treatment should make you look and feel vibrant, glamorous, and confident, right? What if suddenly, your eyes start to itch and swell? What if, all of a sudden, your eyes begin to burn, and they become watery and puffed up?

Eyelash Extensions

This might mean one thing: you may be experiencing an eyelash extension side effect which is having an allergic reaction to the treatment.

It should never be discounted that these things DO happen. An allergic reaction could occur anytime, whether you're coming from an eyelash extension treatment, a medical treatment, or even at a party.

It doesn't mean the end of the world for you, though, and certainly should not mean the end of your eyelash extension journey.

In this post, you'll find out everything you need to know about eyelash extension allergies and how to prevent them from happening.

What causes an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions?

An allergy is a condition in which a person's immune system reacts abnormally to foreign substances found in the environment. When a person has an eyelash extension allergy, the common symptoms usually are:

● Itchiness in the eye area

● Swollen eyes

● Irritation

● Redness

● Stinging or burning sensation

● Watery eyes

Fortunately, not everyone experiences an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions.

An eyelash extension allergy is often triggered by two scenarios: one, as a reaction to the eyelash extension adhesive or glue, and two, not following a proper pre-consultation protocol.

Reaction to Eyelash Extension Adhesive

The glue used during the eyelash extension application is found to be the culprit that causes an allergic reaction. The components found in it, such as the latex, cyanoacrylate, and carbon black, if incorrectly used, can be the source of swelling or irritation.


You may not know this, but some eyelash extension adhesives also contain latex (yes, just like the paint).

Latex is known to help increase the resistance of the adhesive against oil and water, which is probably why this is one of the common elements found in eyelash extension adhesives.

As a natural rubber, latex tends to cause skin friction and irritation if used frequently or improperly.

Not everyone is allergic to latex, though. But it's always best to have a proper medical consultation. Luckily, there are many eyelash extension adhesives today that are latex-free like ours. So, to be on the safe side, inform your lash technician or lash supplier of your adhesive latex-free preference.


Cyanoacrylate is present in the majority types of eyelash extension adhesives, and is responsible for making the adhesives "fast-acting."

A chemical process called "curing" (the attaching process) occurs when the adhesive containing cyanoacrylate is placed. During this time, if the eyes are not well-protected, the gas molecules or the fumes from the curing could reach the eyes, which then causes itchiness, swelling, or irritation. If the irritation doesn't go away within 24 hours, it develops into an allergic reaction.

Does this mean that you avoid eyelash extensions altogether? The answer is no.

Luckily enough, only a very small percentage of the overall population has an allergy to cyanoacrylate. Unfortunately, a cyanoacrylate allergy can form over time from constant exposure, this can happen to anyone at any time. There are ways to minimise an allergy from forming, such as ensuring the eyes are fully closed during application process, applying Super Bonder to the binding points post application (this will cure the glue and reduce fumes) or waiting 5 minutes after application and giving your clients a lash bath to also ensure glue is cured.

Carbon Black

Another eyelash extension adhesive component is carbon black. Carbon black is responsible for the black hue colour found in some adhesives.

There are lash technicians who would use an adhesive with a carbon black component to it because it helps the adhesive blend well with the black lashes. It is rare to find people who are allergic to carbon black, but if you're one of them, you do have a wide option of available clear-coloured adhesives to choose from in the market such as our Fantasy Adhesive.

Not Having a Pre-Consultation

This is what we meant when we said a pre-consultation eyelash extension procedure is a MUST, especially for first-time clients.

Eyelash Extension Adhesive

A pre-consultation or an initial meet-up between the lash technician and the client will help address any concerns, especially allergy concerns, and resolve any doubts that the clients will have about the extension application procedure. It will allow the lash technician to gauge their clients well, suggest an ideal extension style suitable for them, and check to see if they have any allergies that the lash technician should be aware of.

10 Tips on How to Prevent an Allergic Reaction from Eyelash Extensions

Prevention is always better than cure!

Aside from performing a pre-consultation, there are several ways a lash technician (or even you as a client) could do to help prevent an allergy from happening.

Check out below the top 10 eyelash extension allergy-prevention tips:

  1. Perform a Patch Test

Patch tests are made to see if a person is allergic to a specific chemical or substance.

Chat to your lash technician, organise a time to do a patch test. All you need to do is apply the substance you plan to use in the area of your body where the product couldn't easily be wiped or washed off and leave it there for a minimum of 24 hours to check and see for any reactions. Ensure the spot is thoroughly cleaned before you use it for your patch test.

For cosmetologically substances such as eyelash extension adhesives, 5 minutes is usually enough for a patch test.

2. Sterilised Tools & Clean Working Area

The eyelash extension tools should be clean, new, or properly sterilised, such as the lash tweezer, brushes, pillows, liners, eye pads, etc. It's also advisable to use only those standard-approved fans or eyelash extensions.

Also, ensure your work area is clean, free from dust, and sanitised. You wouldn't want a spec of dirt or germs to contaminate your eyelash extension tools or get into your client's eyes!

3. Work in a Well-Ventilated Area & Turn On the Fan

A well-ventilated room helps keep your work area clean. It would also allow the fumes from the adhesives to disperse away from the eyes, seep off gradually, maintaining a breathable environment.

So, open those windows and remember to turn on your fans!

4. Cleanse Face & Lashes Before the Procedure

Make sure that you clean your face and lashes free from makeup or dirt with a facial wash or a makeup remover before coming in for an eyelash extension treatment.

If you're a lash technician, you could use a gentle saline solution or a lash cleanser for thorough cleansing and to prevent germ or bacterial infection.

5. Use Medical-Grade Lash Tape

Medical-grade lash tapes, such as the pink non-woven lash tapes from Lash Lane Official, are used to secure and taper down bottom lashes during application. These tapes are a great and safe alternative to lash pads for sensitive or fragile skin since they’re typically latex-free and hypoallergenic.

6. Use Sensitive Adhesives or Glue

For clients who have sensitive skin, choose a sensitive eyelash extension adhesive.

Many sensitive adhesives are naturally or specifically formulated for sensitive eyes. Ask trusted lash supplier for sensitive adhesives and always have it in your stock.

Also, as additional eyelash extension adhesive aftercare, make sure that you always use fresh glue and throw away adhesives that are past their shelf life.

7. Use a Nano Mister

Another alternative to making the eyelash extension curing go faster is to use a nano mister. Not only does a nano mister speed up the curing time, but the water mist from it also helps soothe the client and prevents eye irritation from the extension application.

8. Place an Anti-Allergy Gel Near Your Workstation

Another airborne chemical absorber is the anti-allergy gel. This gel works like a filter and air deodoriser.

To use an anti-allergy gel, place one near the eyelash extension adhesive tray and leave it open throughout the procedure. The gel neutralises the air by absorbing the fumes from the adhesives while getting rid of air odours simultaneously.

9. Have a Good Aftercare Routine

An aftercare routine should be followed to prolong the retention of your eyelash extensions and keep them beautiful longer. The aftercare also helps prevent irritation and keep your eyes free from bacteria or germ infestation brought by dirt or residue build-up.

So, wash your eyelash extensions regularly using appropriate cleansers and brushes. And remember to visit your lash technician for regular infill appointments.

10. Use the Best Quality Eyelash Extensions

It's no good to scrimp when it comes to eyelash extensions. After all, eyelash extensions are YOUR beauty investment and YOUR step forward towards achieving those eyes that stand out.

Always choose the best quality fans or eyelash extensions. High-quality eyelash extensions are made with materials that are gentle and safe for the eyes, at the same time durable for that longer retention period.

Eyelash Extensions Supplies

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