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Build Your Lash Technician Business With These Top Marketing Strategies

The eyelash extension industry is unstoppable!

An April 2022 Fortune Business Insights report projects a staggering growth in the eyelash extension market, valued from $1.26 billion in 2021 to $1.96 billion in 2028. In Australia, the lash extension industry has seen unprecedented growth, becoming increasingly popular in beauty salons. Eyelash extensions have become this global fashion goal, a lifestyle, a personal transformation journey that redefines beauty standards through eyes that shine and attract.

If you’re thinking about starting your lash technician business, you will need some good marketing strategies to help get you through and stay on top of this beauty trade.

Why Join the Lash Tech Business?

Aside from being lucrative, a lash tech business also offers that rewarding feeling whenever you see beautiful and satisfied customers. Customer engagement is also another plus side of this business. You get to interact with clients, discuss their desired beauty goals, share with them your lash tips, and maybe even get to know them deeper personally.

Lash extensions are also a sustainable beauty trend that never goes out of style. Aside from being an ageless beauty style, the lash refills alone will ensure that your lash tech business will have a steady profit stream.

Having the right lash supplies and a team of expert lash technicians is just one part of the lash tech business. You would also need to actively promote your business and ensure you’re earning that revenue to keep your business going.

Top Lash Tech Business Marketing Strategies

A marketing strategy is part of the overall business planning. This is an essential element that determines your lash tech business success. In a dynamic and oversaturated industry, an innovative and well-thought-of marketing strategy becomes a necessity, especially for lash tech business startups who want to penetrate and have a steady foothold in the beauty market.

Check out our top marketing strategies below to help you grow your lash tech business.

1) Identify Your Target Market

A top marketing strategy is first to identify your target market. Knowing your target market or potential customers will help you efficiently plan to reach them better and turn them into purchasing customers.

To identify your target market, you need to do demographic research. Demographic research means classifying your potential customers according to location, age, sex, lifestyle, income, and other factors impacting their buying decision.

For instance, if your business is into lash extension supplies, your ideal target market would be lash salons. If you’re providing lash technician services, you could answer some of these questions: Are your lash extension services intended for working women or household wives? Are your services available to both high-spenders and money-savers? Are your lash services located in an area accessible to many or only to the local community? Or, what are the common lash styles used in your targeted area? Do the women in that locale prefer 3D extensions or 5D extensions?

2) Create a SWOT Analysis

Creating a SWOT analysis will help you better understand your business. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This marketing strategy will enable you to identify which areas of your business need to be improved and which areas you could enhance more.

Here is an example of a SWOT analysis:


  • Your lash tech business has all the latest and innovative products on hand.

  • Your lash technicians are all expertly trained. You also provide good customer service.

  • Your business is situated in an area easily accessible and has a high foot traffic location.


  • Lack of staff to accommodate a high volume of clients.

  • Your lash salon needs new furniture.

  • Lack of budget to invest in new technology.


  • Creating partnerships with other businesses to promote your lash extension business.

  • Utilising social media to boost your advertising.

  • Hiring influencers to promote your business.


  • More competition is opening up in your area.

  • Increase labour costs for staff or technicians (could also be increased in business taxes).

  • Strict regulations or difficulty in securing business permits to operate.

3) Keep Up with the Latest Marketing Techniques

Marketing techniques should revolve around a SMART parameter. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Ask yourself: What are your specific marketing techniques to achieve your lash tech business goals? Can these techniques be tracked or monitored? Are these techniques aligned with your business goals timeline? Are they realistic? Are these techniques relevant to the current trend that is out there in the lash extension market?

Here are some of the latest lash tech business marketing techniques that could boost your sales and customer growth.

· Promote your lash business on social media platforms.

One of the fastest ways to get your lash tech business out there is by posting about it on social media. Social media high-flying platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are good business boosters that could give your lash tech business the exposure it needs because of these platforms' high customer engagement rates. Some platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, have built-in customisable business pages and marketing analytics that could help you reach your customers and increase your sales.

Tip: When posting on social media, use engaging hashtags, videos, or photos attractive to your target market. You can post before-and-after photos of your clients getting lash extension services. You could also do live videos or tutorial lash application videos using your lash supplies. Or, you could do contests, challenges, or competitions to interact with social media users, and the prize could be a free lash tech service!

· Create a functional website.

A business website will allow you to showcase your products and services in one place and provide an interactive experience where customers can easily avail what your lash tech business is offering. A website could also help build customer trust and strengthen brand awareness.

Tip: Try searching for free and easy-to-navigate website builders, such as Wix and GoDaddy. If you don't have a tech background, you could also avail services of web developers or digital marketing agencies who can help create and boost your business.

· Hire Influencers.

Rowi Singh, based in Sydney, is a beauty content influencer with an Instagram profile of over 365,000 followers. Influencer Kasey Rayton from New South Wales has over 167,000 Instagram followers and 285,000 YouTube subscribers. Think of all the business possibilities once you tap into these influencers' followers!

Hiring influencers is vital to building brand awareness. Influencers leverage a simple marketing technique: word-of-mouth. To their followers, influencers are treated as experts; so what they think of, critique or recommend is what matters. So, if you're looking to boost the sales volume of your lash supplies, then best hire a famous influencer for your lash tech business!

Tip: Utilise the market research data you gathered to see which social media platform you can best promote your lash tech business. Find the most popular influencer on that platform. Let the influencer run a promotion you're having or let them do a testimonial video using your lash extensions supplies.

· Create Unique Lash Sale Promotions.

What better way to increase sales than having a lash supplies sale? You could offer a discount to first-time customers. You could also create incentive schemes for a referral program. Or a loyalty reward card scheme for those who’ll constantly avail of lash refills.

Preparing giveaway freebies is also another great marketing technique. For instance, anyone who purchases a complete set of lash supplies gets to have a free lash shampoo, brush, or even a free lash refill service.

Tip: Make sure that your business budget can cover your promotions. Consider your operational budget and allocate a certain part from it for your lash sales promotions.

· Brand Partnerships.

Collaborating with other brands is another winning marketing technique. A brand partnership would mean opening your lash tech business to a bigger and broader audience, increase brand awareness, sales conversion rates, customer lifetime value, and improve product ratings.

Wherever your partner brand goes, it takes your brand along with it. If that brand becomes successful, so will your brand.

Tip: You could partner with a mascara or makeup company or a nail or hair salon. You can then use each other's market and do cross-promotions or cross-advertising. You could also work out a referral program or a discount coupon, such as if a customer buys from you a particular product, you could give them a discount coupon to the other brand.

· Invest in Paid Ads.

Paid ads are a targeted form of advertising that enables your business to reach specific demographics of your target market and consistently deliver your brand's message to them. This type of ad is also known as a “booster” - it helps boost website traffic, boost customer engagement, and boost sales conversion rates.

Facebook and Instagram are some of the top social media platforms that offer paid advertising. Other paid ads that can easily be customised are Google Ads and Bing Ads of Microsoft.

Tip: Google Ads has several automation features that can be useful for your lash tech business, such as Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Mobile App Ads, YouTube Ads, and Display Ads. It's a convenient one-stop shop for advertising your brand, plus an added walk-through ad creation feature for those who are not tech-savvy.

Now, You're Ready!

Our top marketing tips will not only help you achieve your lash tech business’ objectives, but you will also become part of a dynamic and powerful industry that will help people achieve their beauty goals!

And to ensure your lash tech business success, you need to have the best and highest quality lash supplies in the market.

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